About Us

Everyone can’t know everything, but together we can know something. We happen to be siblings, but don’t let that fool you. Between the age differences and the fact that some of us (hem hem, Ruthie) decided to live in another country for years, we are guaranteed to have a  divide in views. One similarity we share is our love for laughter.

Listen in, laugh with us, and don’t forget to give your feedback!





    • One of us was planning to be homeless. You know, the way most people plan a vacation.

    • One of us never wears shoes in the house. Obviously, this means no one else gets to wear shoes in their house.

    • One of us has never been out of the country, and has only visited a handful of states.

    • One of us is freaked out by the phrase ‘sweating bullets’. Image association can be an ugly thing. 

    • Some of us can’t swim. Yes, as in if you hate this podcast, lure us to a pool.


Who’s who? You’ll just have to listen to find out more about us!